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The Ballad of Mr. Nobody #1

Hello! This right here will be a monthly post, a once-a-month supernatural crime thriller that I truly hope you all enjoy. I've played around with this idea for literally over a decade, and I believe that it would be best suited in this format presented before you. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it, and I certainly hope you check back here on the last Sunday of every month to see what happens next! Always remember, to #ReadOutsideTheBox.

“While you laid in the mud and puffed out your last few breaths, you wondered where it went wrong. Was it genetics that caused you to be such a loser? Was it your parents? Was it their genetics or upbringing? Where did it begin? You knew where it ended: right now, in the middle of the forest, in the center of a puddle that was a mix of blood and shit. You began to weep for a life that wasn’t really worth weeping for. You knew there was a rapidly approaching point when you wouldn’t exist anymore.

I knew that was semi-accurate while I watched from behind the nearby Stitch Point in the Veil. I mean, there is never a point where you don’t exist anymore, but there is a Hell.

Multiple actually.

A real funny truth is that there’s actually only Hells. There is no nice afterlife you fucking idiot. None of you actually deserve that, and deep down you knew that to a twisted extent. After all, with how everyone in your life had treated you, how could there be any redemption for any of your kind?

Like I was saying, I was watching you from the Veil and to be quite honest I was planning on just eating your soul...but...I felt bad, which is quiet odd for a demon as I’m sure you know by now after all this time we spent together. I think it was because I kinda felt that I was a loser too. After all, I didn’t even have a cool demon name that sounds all scary and shit, I just sort of...was. I am a loser in demon terms. I think that’s why I was attracted to your soul, your true self, your absolute being that makes I saw your almost-corpse lying there, waiting for The Great Reaper while wallowing in misery and pain and sadness and true defeat.

I saw you.

I saw you and honestly I fell in what your kind calls ‘love’.

It’s like your soul and mine, or whatever similar construct you can say is like a soul, we met. And joined. And flourished.

You probably don’t remember our separate eternity together. You definitely don’t remember the million years outside of time we spent together. Joined. As one and two. All at the same time. You don’t remember.

And that’s okay.

Because together we exist in your subjective time and space.

A swirl of love and hate and lust and genocide toward each other.

You and I? We were made for each other, Wes.

I saw you, oh pitiful thing, dying in the mud because of a misguided love from your monkey brain telling you that Autumn was some vaginal savior to your loneliness and self hatred.

I love you, Wes.

My command is that we’re together.

And my command is why we will eviscerate everyone who wronged you in this city.”

Wes gazed upon the eternity of the Veil. He saw pure Hatred, and pure Love, and pure Hatred, and Murder, and Lust, and Hatred, and Companionship, and Hatred, and Demonic Bonding of Everlasting Time, boiled down to eternity into microseconds that lasted both forever and never.

Wes saw this.

And said Yes.

And then….that nameless demon and Wes Shepherd, two losers in their own realms, become the embodiment of that awful and wonderful mix of hatred and something-to-prove.

Two nobodies.

They became Mr. Nobody.

And Mr. Nobody wanted nothing but blood and sorrow.

The two beings coincided in space and time, two Hells combined.

They arose, dusted themselves off, straightened out their fine black suit, and walked toward the town.

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