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Right, so what's all this then?

Hello, this is T.L Oberheu, author of "Twist and Shout: An Awkward Life With Tourette's" as well as "The Shadow Dies Loudly But No One Hears Its Cries". Why are my titles so long? Because I want them to be. Is that a good enough answer for you?

Anyway this is going to be the place where I update various things about literature (which I consider to be more than books), either written by me or read by me.

So I have almost been famous like three different times (who's counting?) and one of those was for a short story that was almost a short film that "may" have been stolen by a Welsh Producer and I just frankly have never heard from it again. I have heard there is a "Black Mirror" Episode somewhat like it, too bad I can't bring myself to find out, but only because I just really don't care.

Anyway I have put that story in "The Shadow Dies Loudly But No One Hears Its Cries", and that has been featured on the lovely podcast "Arbitrary Advice" (as was Twist and Shout but this isn't about that) which the lovely host is currently reading and was been quoted with "The second story was so disturbing that I am in physical pain remembering it" (citation needed).

That being said: since my story may or may not have been stolen, paired with the fact that "The Shadow Dies..." is available on Amazon right now for only .99 cents and includes this story, AND a previous version of it was already published on, I thought why not post it for any dear readers of my blog that I just started 30 minutes ago?

Check out my next post to read it!

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