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Empire of Dirt #2

10:37 PM, Saturday

Andrew Connac sat in the back of the unmarked van.

“Could you not put your feet on the equipment?” said Paul Lu

Andrew sighed. “More important shit Paul. More important shit going on.”

“Did Agent Tannen tell you anything else?”

“Handed me the folder. Dead silent. Guy gives me the creeps.”

“Ya well his body count is bigger than both of ours.”

Paul opened the folder and took out the documents.

“Anyone see you two?”

“If they did they were very well hidden.”

“That’s not a concrete answer, Andrew.”

“Well for Christ’s sake, it’s not like we were in the middle of Time Square. We didn’t see anyone, not to mention we didn’t exactly shout ‘thanks for the update on that massive object behind the moon’ for everyone hiding near us. Use your fucking head.”

Paul glared at Andrew.

“What do you think they want?”

“I hope they just want directions, but I doubt it.”

2:05 PM, Monday.

“So who knows so far?”

“Everyone that conspiracy theorists think is in cahoots.”

“What does that mean exactly Connac?”

“Every world leader, their families, every multi-billionaire, and their families. And the Queen of course.”


“It’s only a matter of time before they either leave or say hello, should we initiate the Soteria Program?”




Connac sent the message to one million U.S citizens that would no longer pretend to be citizens. The highly elite secret police blended into everyday life since the program’s conception over ten years ago. Paramedics, Restaurant Owners, 3rd Grade Teachers, you never would have known a Soteria soldier was capable of killing twenty men with their bare hands.

The text message was a simple command, nothing outrageous or anything too scary or out of the ordinary if a random civilian took a glance at one’s phone: “Stand By”.

Those two words alone were enough to spark an intense mix of fear and determination in all million operatives. Some kept the image in the back of their minds while they fixed dinner for their families, others began cleaning their firearms that have been collecting dust and old age in their time in safes, cabinets, secret compartments behind beds where they slept with their wives and husbands who were completely unaware of what layed in their beds next to them. The secret army was ready, they listened to that message, and stood by.

Wednesday 12:00 PM

The massive object hiding behind the Moon stirred with energy. Several smaller ships exited the structure, albeit the “smaller” ships were the size of complete cities. They took their places at their designated areas on Earth.

They were ready too.

Thank your for reading the second installment of “Empire of Dirt”. I apologize for the lateness of posting this one, been a bit busy with life in general. Anyway, I’m excited as always to get the ball rolling on this epic, as I hope you are too after reading this, I mean if you read Issue #1 then you know these guys aren’t exactly friendly to say the least, but I’m very excited to go into detail of their technology, their motivations, and their true identity which will be very fun when that opens an entirely different can of worms. Next issue will be very action packed, which if you were waiting for some more explosions and the actual invasion/ensuing war, well then you will be very pleased with issue #3, coming out on December 27th. I hope you not only will enjoy that one, but you also enjoyed reading this, issue #2, as much as I did writing it. Check out Boxhead Books on Facebook, follow @boxheadbooks on Instagram as well as my personal account: @tytyscifi (which I will be posting on a lot more often now), and go look at for some other blog posts as well as shop around and check out my other works for sale. And as always, remember to #ReadOutsideThBox.

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