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Box of Ramblings #2: Cigarettes, Coffee, and Eggs.

As I drove to the cafe where I am currently writing this, my temper started to fade as did #number-unknown cigarette that hung in my mouth.

I didn’t explode at any one, but I began to wonder why I got so upset as to storm out of my living area. Then I began to think about the concepts of emotions and moods we collectively as a species go through, quite randomly sometimes. From the point of getting in my car to some amount of minutes later, I went back to why I got so angry seemingly randomly at my friend, who quite honestly didn’t do anything to me.

At the time of writing this, I switched my vice to my more frequent one of tar black and equally bitter coffee.

I thought of an analogy that was best to be shared during these times of uncertainty and guaranteed uncertain and random emotions.

I have fallen in love with weight lifting recently. The simultaneous release and surge of emotions you get while doing the simple task of picking things up and putting them down.

Imagine, if you can relate to so, deadlifting (a very useful and dangerous exercise, when done correctly, can transform your body into an ancient greek statue when done consistently enough).

Let’s say you also enjoy the act of working out, specifically this deadlift motion. You would logically start with a rather light weight, a warm up.

Let’s say you’re doing your warm up forever, never ending. Granted it’s rather light, it is your standard warm up after all. You can probably do quite a large number of repetitions your warm up weight. However, you will inevitably get tired. Your form will start to be less than great, and there will be a point where you won’t even be able to lift such a benign weight.

Truth be told, we are constantly doing our lightest warm up, every hour of every day, never stopping. Our forms slip and we leave the gym in disappointment.

Same goes for our mood.

We don’t carry the weight of the whole world day in day out, we carry what we can. And we can do this for a very long time if we know what we’re doing. However, I do not care how strong you may be, and how great your endurance is. Eventually your form will get shitty. When your form gets shitty, there’s only so much you can deal with.

This is a fact of life, you get stronger over time with the more facts of life you are forced to deal with, you can lift more without faltering the more you lift. But, again, being human means at some point you need to cool off.

Ironically despite loving fitness I need to leave the gym sometimes. I need a cancer stick and anxiety juice to paradoxically calm down. Of course you may agree or may your own recovery set in place in your habits.

You need to come to terms with your shitty form, go deal with life for a bit, correct your form, and get lifting again.

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