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Box of Ramblings #1: The Great Coffee Crusade of 2020

I believe the only absolute way of thinking is that of admitting you do not know. This belief seems passive, perhaps too passive, after all you never take a hard stance on anything. You can believe stuff, minorly. But you cannot fight and die on any hill. For example: I 100% believe that the sciences of geography and astronomy are accurate, which is a rather complex way to write the simple wording of I know the Earth is not flat. However, that is a belief and a system of trust. I have not been to space, I have not been to Antarctica. Therefore, I cannot reasonably get upset at someone claiming the Earth is flat. Their trust is elsewhere, trusting another source that is telling them this. I trust the ones telling me otherwise. Is that worth fighting over? Is that worth anger and hatred? Now think to yourself: how many other sources of anger and hatred are out there? How many systems of trust are simply that: trusting another who may or may not have reasons that want your trust? Inevitably, this brings me to politics. All side in American politics, not just the "main" two, want you to trust them, but in reality you have no way of knowing what is and isn't true.

Let's say you have knowledge that Topic A is objectively true...who gave you that information that lead to that so called objective truth? Was it you? Can you 100% trust yourself? Silly sounding but honest question.

Moving onto another inevitability of this topic: How do you know your religious beliefs are true? This also includes Atheism by the way, for a lack of trust in one source is trust in another. How do you know your beliefs are any percentage accurate? They many be 50% true, perhaps 100% but also perhaps 0%. How do you know? All beliefs are based on trust, and how much blood has been shed based on one source over another? Once you realize that all beliefs are based on trust, it's quite easy to ignore anger generated from another with a different source of trust. When you realize this, all arguments are not bigger than "Black coffee is better than cream and sugar."

Are you going to kill over cream?

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